Stylish office coffee machines for your workplace

Our office coffee machines

For the ultimate coffee experience, opt for one of FreshGround’s selection of premium grade coffee machines for your office. Stylish, simple, reliable, with a range of flexible contract options, we have the perfect solution to delight your colleagues and clients.

Fresh bean to cup coffee machine

F Range: Fresh Milk Bean-to-Cup Office Coffee Machines

Everything fresh – fresh milk and fresh beans. Barista-style office coffee, at a single touch.

Granulated milk coffee machine

G Range: Granulated Milk Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines for the Office

Fresh-bean, espresso-based coffee with the simplicity and convenience of granulated milk.

P range filter coffee machine

P Range: Pour-over Filter Coffee Machines for the Office

Pour-over brewers, for the perfect cup of filter coffee. Ideal for hospitality and meeting rooms.

Why not test the waters with a free demo? If you’re impressed, we offer no-fuss, three month, full service contracts.

F Range: Fresh Milk Bean-to-Cup Office Coffee Machines

Our fresh milk, bean-to-cup office coffee machines are the perfect coffee machine rental option for almost any coffee-loving office. However, if you’re not sure, one of our expert team will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

G Range: Granulated Milk Bean-to-Cup Office Coffee Machines

Offices looking for fresh-bean coffee, but with the convenience of granulated milk, love renting our granulated milk bean-to-cup coffee machines.

P Range: Pour-over Filter Coffee Machines for the Office

Our pour-over coffee machines are perfect for business hospitality and meeting rooms. All our machines are set up to the FreshGround office coffee standard, enabling you to brew great-tasting filter coffee with minimum fuss.

The perks of having an office coffee machine

The secret to a great cup of coffee? It’s simple. Start with great coffee beans. With our bean-to-cup coffee machines, you can enjoy fresh and delicious barista-style coffees at work – certain to get your day off to the very best of starts!

Show them you care

If your team cares about having a quality coffee experience at work, then you should too. A bean-to-cup coffee machine can go a long way in showing your team you value them, and a simple office perk like this can make all the difference in attracting and keeping top talent.

Office wellbeing

Just think how many new ideas, great conversations, productive meetings all start with the words, “let’s get a coffee”? The coffee break is a vital part of office culture, so don’t settle for anything less than the best! Surveys have even proven that coffee can help to boost employee wellbeing, increase engagement and up productivity.

Less waste - premium taste

FreshGround’s range of coffee machines are a more sustainable choice for your office than alternative coffee machines that use single-use plastic capsules or pods. And with our greener bean-to-cup machines, you simply can’t beat the taste of a hot cup of coffee made with freshly ground, premium-grade coffee beans.

Coffee beans


Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about us.

We have had FreshGround’s coffee at our office for over two years and have to say the customer service is amazing.

Zuber Bham

Office Manager, Fine Writing Pens of London

FreshGround supply great machines. We have an office of over 100 people and the machines are used a lot by staff. Great customer service. Outstanding products.

Samantha Gallagher

Secretary, CBRE

Machine is one touch so easy to use. Happy staff are more productive. Ordering supplies is easy and FreshGround have never failed to deliver next day.

Mick Jones

Facilities Manager, Shipleys LLP

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